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Gunned down

Published on 18 March 2015Read


Published on 11 March 2015Read


US freelancer’s death in Yemen reflects journalism’s “growing dangers”

Somers died during a joint US-Yemeni operation launched less than 24 hours before the expiry of an ultimatum by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (...)

Published on 6 December 2014 Read


RWB calls for release of US photojournalist held hostage in Yemen

Somers was kidnapped in September 2013 but the media did not report his abduction until now because his family thought it would put him in even (...)

Published on 5 December 2014 Read


Houthi rebels pursue offensive against news media

In one recent instance, five gunmen claiming to be members of the Houthi movement stormed into the premises of Aleshteraki – an online newspaper (...)

Published on 24 October 2014 Read


Houthi rebels still harassing media and journalists in Sanaa

Reporters Without Borders is worried that Yemen’s Houthi rebels are deliberating targeting journalists and news media in the capital because of (...)

Published on 25 September 2014 Read


Houthi rebels bombard state broadcaster in Sanaa

A month-old political and security crisis escalated dramatically on 21 September when, after bombarding the headquarters of the state TV (...)

Published on 23 September 2014 Read


Carbomb attack on national TV producer foiled in Sanaa

Reporters Without Borders condemns an attempt to murder state TV producer Ibrahim Al-Abiad by means of a bomb under his car on in Sanaa on 16 (...)

Published on 25 August 2014 Read


Journalists under attack amid Houthi rebellion in Amran province

Reporters Without Borders is gravely concerned about the security situation in Yemen, in which journalists are easy prey for both sides in the (...)

Published on 14 August 2014 Read


Government closes two news media, police attack journalists

Two news media owned by former President Ali Abdallah Saleh that have a reputation for tendentious news reporting – Al-Yemen Al-Youm TV and the (...)

Published on 13 June 2014 Read

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