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Deadly violence

Middle East/North Africa

Despotic regimes continue to obstruct coverage of revolutions

SYRIA Reporters Without Borders condemns the beating that Samer Al-Shami, a photographer for the SANA agency, received on 30 August and the (...)

Published on 1 September 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Violence, blocked websites and prosecutions – anti-media offensive continues

Yemen Reporters Without Borders condemns the attempted assassination of deputy information minister Abdu Al-Ganadi. A bomb exploded outside his (...)

Published on 20 August 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Arab Spring and repression continue from Rabat to Manama

While Bahrain and Saudi Arabia use mainly technical means (including satellite jamming and website blocking) to obstruct media freedom, Yemen and (...)

Published on 4 August 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Ali Al-Abdallah freed

Reporters Without Borders notes that the writer and journalist Ali Al-Abdallah was freed yesterday (20 July). 18.07.2011 Opposition journalist (...)

Published on 16 July 2011 Read


Authorities block news coverage to get Yemen off international community’s agenda

As in Syria and Bahrain, it is become increasingly difficult for both the national and international media to cover the protests in Yemen and the (...)

Published on 4 July 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Journalist deported, others tried in Bahrain, reporter kidnapped, others hounded in Yemen

BAHRAIN Finian Cunningham, an Irish journalist and writer who has been living in Bahrain for years, was “invited to leave” by the Bahraini (...)

Published on 22 June 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Attack on AFP’s Amman bureau, media counter-offensive by Syrian regime

JORDAN Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns an attack on the Agence France-Presse bureau in Amman on 15 June by a dozen men armed with (...)

Published on 18 June 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Crackdown continues in Bahrain, bloggers go on trial in Emirates

BAHRAIN Regime officials have reportedly taken over the Facebook and Twitter pages of Rasad News, a major source of news about human rights (...)

Published on 16 June 2011 Read

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