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Mounting violations

Media targeted

Middle East/North Africa

Journalists still being harassed in countries where protests getting stronger

YEMEN Reporters Without Borders continues to be very concerned about the repression to which journalists have been exposed in Yemen since the (...)

Published on 20 April 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

No concessions to media as indiscriminate repression continues in countries with pro-democracy protests

BAHRAIN Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns netizen Zakariya Rashid Hassan’s death in detention on 9 April, six days after his arrest (...)

Published on 12 April 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Gaddafi regime decides to deport 26 foreign journalists who had been invited to Tripoli

LIBYA Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the Libyan government’s decision to deport 26 foreign journalists on the grounds that their visas (...)

Published on 7 April 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Bahraini and Syrian authorities try to impose news blackout, kidnapping in Yemen

BAHRAIN Reporters Without Borders condemns the Bahraini government’s attempts to impose a news blackout on the ongoing demonstrations and the (...)

Published on 4 April 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Journalists continue to be harassed in different ways throughout the Middle East

SYRIA Reuters television producer Ayat Basma and cameraman Ezzat Baltaji were released on 28 March after being held for two days but Reporters (...)

Published on 30 March 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Journalists targeted by governments desperate to control news

LIBYA Reporters Without Borders has learned that Fatma Ben Dhaou, a Tunisian journalist who had gone to Libya for the newspaper Le Quotidien, (...)

Published on 23 March 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

Two journalists killed, many missing, arrested or deported – list of media freedom violations gets longer

LIBYA - French photographer missing after setting off from Benghazi Reporters Without Borders is very worried about the fate of Stéphane Lehr, an (...)

Published on 21 March 2011 Read

Middle East/North Africa

More harassment of journalists covering pro-democracy demonstrations, one killed in Yemen

Reporters Without Borders is appalled to learn that Jamal Al-Sharaabi, a photographer working for the local daily Al-Masdar, was one of the fatal (...)

Published on 19 March 2011 Read

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