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Intelligence agency and media commission help torpedo remaining independent news media

Scheming by Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) is killing off the few remaining independent news media while the (...)

Published on 19 March 2007 Read


Court frees two journalists arrested at 11 March demonstration

Two freelance journalists who were arrested when police broke up an opposition demonstration in Harare on 11 March, photographer Tsvangirai (...)

Published on 14 March 2007 Read


Police raid on The Zimbabwean office amid mounting threats against press freedom groups

Reporters Without Borders today condemned a police raid this week on a Harare office of the London-based newspaper The Zimbabwean, as well as (...)

Published on 6 October 2006 Read


Judge drops case against staff of Voice of the People

Reporters Without Borders welcomed the decision of a judge in Zimbabwe to drop charges against the management of the privately-owned radio Voice (...)

Published on 25 September 2006 Read


Two journalists released after paying fine

The Zimbabwean section of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) reported that Ndamu Sandu and Godwin Mangudya, the two journalists who (...)

Published on 20 July 2006 Read


Jamming of radio stations extended to VOA

The sabotaging of broadcasts by radio stations based abroad is continuing in Zimbabwe, Reporters Without Borders said today after learning that (...)

Published on 6 July 2006 Read


Government urged to acknowledge defeat and let The Daily News resume publishing

Reporters Without Borders today called on the Zimbabwean authorities to recognise their inability to maintain a ban on The Daily News independent (...)

Published on 28 March 2006 Read


Three journalists forced to go in purge of The Daily Mirror

Reporters Without Borders today condemned a purge being carried out by the government within The Daily Mirror newspaper in which three (...)

Published on 8 March 2006 Read

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