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Police violence

Published on 26 June 2014Read


Foreign reporters denied entry as territorial dispute escalates

Reporters Without Borders is very concerned that both Armenia and Azerbaijan have been denying entry to foreign journalists amid an increase in (...)

Published on 6 July 2011 Read


Armenian newspapers threatened by libel suits with sky-high damages awards

Reporters Without Borders is concerned about all the libel actions being brought against Armenian newspapers and the disproportionate damages (...)

Published on 1 May 2011 Read


Authorities free jailed editor with brain tumour

Reporters Without Borders hails newspaper editor Arman Babajanian’s release on 4 August after a state commission decided he should be allowed to (...)

Published on 31 July 2009 Read


Online journalist beaten by unknown assailants

Reporters Without Borders today voiced dismay after journalist Argishti Kivirian was brutally beaten by a gang of unknown assailants in the (...)

Published on 30 April 2009 Read


With news media paralysed and websites inaccessible, government is urged to lift state of emergency

A 20-day state of emergency which President Robert Kocharyan proclaimed in the capital Yerevan on 1 March is having a serious impact on the (...)

Published on 5 March 2008 Read


Journalists physically attacked during election campaign

Reporters Without Borders called today for the punishment of those responsible for attacking or obstructing three journalists as they were (...)

Published on 21 February 2008 Read


Two newspaper editors to be prosecuted for disturbing the peace

Reporters Without Borders condemns the arrest of two opposition newspaper editors - Nikol Pashinian of Haykakan Jamanak and Shoger Matevossian of (...)

Published on 30 October 2007 Read


“Disproportionate” prison sentence for newspaper editor who skipped military service

Reporters Without Borders voiced dismay today at the four-year prison sentence passed on Jamanak Erevan editor Arman Babajanian for evading (...)

Published on 31 October 2006 Read

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