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Media under attack

Published on 30 April 2015Read

Burundian powder keg


National Assembly passes new media law

Reporters Without Borders joins the Union of Burundian Journalists (UBJ) in welcoming the new media law that the National Assembly adopted (...)

Published on 10 March 2015 Read


Radio station director freed on bail after a month in prison

After being held for four weeks, Radio Publique Africaine director Bob Rugurika was released on bail today from Muramvya prison and was greeted (...)

Published on 19 February 2015 Read


Authorities poised to move against popular radio station

Reporters Without Borders is concerned about the threat of closure hanging over Burundi’s most popular radio station, privately-owned Radio (...)

Published on 21 March 2014 Read


Constitutional court quashes some articles, but not enough

In response to a petition from the Union of Burundian Journalists (UBJ), the Constitutional Court has quashed certain provisions of the media law (...)

Published on 8 January 2014 Read


“Conditional release” follows radio reporter’s release “on health grounds”

Reporters Without Borders is pleased to learn that Hassan Ruvakuki, a radio reporter who was released on “health grounds” in March after 15 months (...)

Published on 22 October 2013 Read


Media regulator suspends comments on press group’s website

Reporters Without Borders is disturbed to learn that the National Communication Council (CNC), Burundi’s media regulator, has ordered the Iwacu (...)

Published on 31 May 2013 Read


Senate urged not to approve proposed new media law

Reporters Without Borders condemns the Burundian national assembly’s adoption yesterday of a bill that would rein in press freedom by reducing (...)

Published on 4 April 2013 Read


Radio reporter is released, but for how long?

Reporters Without Borders hails Burundian radio reporter Hassan Ruvakuki’s release today after 15 months in prison and hopes it will open the way (...)

Published on 6 March 2013 Read

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