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Canada’s online surveillance bill threatens Web users’ rights

Reporters Without Borders expresses its deep concern about Bill C-30, also known as the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, (...)

Published on 21 February 2012 Read


Daniel Leblanc: “By finding in my favour, the Supreme Court has reaffirmed that protection of sources remains the rule”

Daniel Leblanc on 22 October 2010 won his case before the Supreme Court on the right of journalists to protect their sources of information. The (...)

Published on 12 November 2010 Read


Citizen Lab develops Internet initiative to shed light on RIM’s concessions to governments

Reporters Without Borders welcomes a new website, Project RIM Check, that is intended to shed light on government surveillance of BlackBerry (...)

Published on 4 November 2010 Read


Supreme court ruling threatens confidentiality of sources

Reporters Without Borders is disappointed and disturbed by a Canadian supreme court decision ordering the Toronto-based National Post newspaper (...)

Published on 11 May 2010 Read


Support for lawsuit brought against Iranian government before Montreal court

Reporters Without Borders is supporting the lawsuit which Stephan Hashemi has brought against the Islamic Republic of Iran before a Montreal (...)

Published on 3 December 2009 Read


“Victory for protection of sources” as court overturns contempt ruling against Ken Peters

Reporters Without Borders today hailed a court ruling overturning a 2004 “contempt of court” verdict against journalist Ken Peters, of the daily (...)

Published on 19 March 2008 Read


Four news media appeal against news blackout on terrorism case

Reporters Without Borders supports the appeals against a news blackout on an alleged terrorism case which four Canadian and US news organisations (...)

Published on 7 March 2008 Read


Federal court wants to violate “basic right” of journalists to protect their sources

Reporters Without Borders condemns a Montreal federal court ruling on 18 January ordering two journalists employed by the French-language daily (...)

Published on 21 January 2008 Read

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