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Young programme host gunned down outside radio station

Reporters Without Borders is appalled by the murder of Flor Alba Núñez, a young programme host who was gunned down yesterday morning outside a (...)

Published on 11 September 2015 Read


Colombia. Programme for protecting journalists needs overhaul

The Colombian government’s 15-year-old programme for protecting journalists is clearly flawed and needs an overhaul, according two new reports (...)

Published on 27 August 2015 Read


Will Claudia Duque obtain justice?

A hearing scheduled for 24 June had to be postponed in the absence of the three defendants. The prison department, INPEC, failed to bring Narváez (...)

Published on 26 June 2015 Read


What are Colombia’s judicial officials playing at?

Judicial officials have taken three contradictory decisions in the case in the past four days. On 2 June, a prosecutor ordered his release. The (...)

Published on 5 June 2015 Read


Journalism in Valle del Cauca – terror, economic pressure and self-censorship

Terrorized and pressured economically, journalists censor themselves in the southwestern department of Valle del Cauca, according to a joint (...)

Published on 7 May 2015 Read


After seven years, Colombia drops charges against TV reporter

Reporters Without Borders hails the withdrawal of charges against William Parra, a TV reporter wrongly accused of abetting Colombia’s rebels, and (...)

Published on 16 March 2015 Read


Two Colombian journalists murdered in past three weeks

The two victims were radio reporter Edgar Quintero, who was killed on 2 March in Palmira, in the southwestern department of Valle del Cauca, and (...)

Published on 5 March 2015 Read


"We are not going to be silenced!"

Reporting is a risky occupation in Colombia, especially for those covering corruption, organized crime or human rights violations. Colombia is (...)

Published on 9 February 2015 Read

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