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Judicial harassment of Zeljko Peratovic must stop

Reporters Without Borders condemns the latest proceedings that Croatian interior minister Tomislav Karamarko has initiated against journalist (...)

Published on 26 November 2010 Read


Stones thrown at TV crew covering ultranationalist celebration

Reporters Without Borders is outraged by a physical attack on reporter Ivonu Ramadzu and cameraman Kresimira Morica of national radio and TV (...)

Published on 12 August 2010 Read


Duško Miljuš case - Public letter to Mr. Tomislav Karamarko, Minister of Interior

Dear Sir, On June 2nd it has been two years since Duško Miljuš, Jutarnji list investigative journalist, has been brutally attacked. His arm was (...)

Published on 1 June 2010 Read


Judicial harassment of war crimes reporter continues

Reporters Without Borders condemns the charge that was brought yesterday at the behest at interior minister Tomislav Karamarko against a (...)

Published on 15 January 2009 Read


Drago Held under police protection after receiving fresh death threats

Reporters Without Borders today condemned renewed death threats made against Drago Held, a journalist on the daily Jutamji List, a specialist in (...)

Published on 28 November 2008 Read


Car bomb kills owner and an executive of weekly Nacional

Reporters Without Borders today voiced its shock at the death in a car bomb explosion yesterday of Ivo Pukanic, owner and former editor of the (...)

Published on 24 October 2008 Read


Zagreb daily’s crime correspondent beaten with baseball bat

Dusan Miljus, the Jutarnji List daily’s crime correspondent, is in hospital with a broken arm and concussion after two men aboard a motorcycle (...)

Published on 3 June 2008 Read


Gunman tries to kill journalist

Reporters Without Borders called today on Croatian authorities to find and punish those who ordered an attack last night on Ivo Pukanic, co-owner (...)

Published on 10 April 2008 Read

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