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EU urged to press Erdogan to free newspaper editor

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) appeals to the European Union and to all its member states to use a summit with Turkey in Brussels on 29 November (...)

Published on 27 November 2015 Read


Will RSF Press Freedom Prize recipient be jailed tonight in Istanbul?

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns the “political persecution” of two senior editors of the Istanbul daily Cumhuriyet, who are facing the (...)

Published on 26 November 2015 Read


Sticking to the script, appeal court upholds Ismayilova’s jail sentence

Although it was expected, Reporters Without Borders is appalled by a Baku appeal court’s “disgraceful” decision today to uphold well-known (...)

Published on 25 November 2015 Read


National Assembly eliminates media controls from state of emergency law

The amendment was adopted shortly after the National Assembly approved a three-month extension to the state of emergency that President François (...)

Published on 20 November 2015 Read


Reporters Without Borders-TV5 Monde Prize ceremony

Three prizes were awarded: In the Citizen-Journalist Category, to Zone9, an Ethiopian blogger collective created in 2012 that often draws (...)

Published on 19 November 2015 Read


RSF supports Italian journalists targeted by VatiLeaks 2 investigation

Suspected of complicity in the leak, Nuzzi is one of two Italian journalists placed under investigation by the Vatican in connection with their (...)

Published on 18 November 2015 Read


RSF launches operation “#opendoor for reporters”

To the extent of our abilities, we will also help journalists who are seeking accommodation in Paris. The operation is designed to assist (...)

Published on 16 November 2015 Read


RSF tribute to Anna and Aurélie

Anna Pétard Lieffrig, 24, called herself our “dedicated graphic designer” while working for us as an intern from March to September 2013. She was (...)

Published on 16 November 2015 Read

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