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Foreign media censor own coverage of Hong Kong protests

As mainland China steps up its efforts to suppress information about the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, the online censorship monitoring (...)

Published on 3 October 2014 Read


“White Terror” forces pro-democracy website House News to shut down

Tsoi compared the atmosphere to the “white terror” in Taiwan between 1949 and 1987, during which political dissidents were rounded up. The Chinese (...)

Published on 30 July 2014 Read


Reporter threatened after helping to dismantle Hong Kong ring

A self-styled “truth seeker” based in Slovakia who edits the online newspaper “La Voce,” Papaleo specializes in investigating organized crime and has (...)

Published on 23 June 2014 Read


Apple Daily hacked – Beijing suspected

The Apple Daily site has been blocked since 18 June, following a series of hack attempts. Jimmy Lai, president of Next Media, which owns the (...)

Published on 22 June 2014 Read


Newly-fired newspaper editor stabbed on Hong Kong street

Reporters Without Borders is appalled to learn that Kevin Lau, a journalist who was fired a month ago as editor of the Hong Kong-based daily Ming (...)

Published on 26 February 2014 Read


Journalist Chang Ping yet to receive a work permit

6 December 2011 Donald Tsang Chief Executive Hong Kong Special Administrative Region People’s Republic of China Tamar, Hong Kong Immigration (...)

Published on 6 December 2011 Read


Citizens’ Radio case postponed as more accused face charges

The trial of a group running the free station Citizens’ Radio and those accused of contributing to the illegal output has been postponed, as the (...)

Published on 22 November 2006 Read


Bill increasing censorship could apply to foreign media as well

Reacting to local press criticism of a bill that would impose fines on news media that publish unauthorised reports in situations of crisis, (...)

Published on 6 July 2006 Read

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