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Large-scale illegal wiretapping of journalists in Macedonia

“This large-scale spying on journalists constitutes a massive assault on media freedom, threatening every aspect of the rule of law,” said (...)

Published on 27 February 2015 Read


RSF condemns sentence for Macedonian journalist Tomislav Kezarovski

The Skopje Court of Appeal confirmed the sentence for Kezarovski on Thursday while reducing it to two years from the four and a half years issued (...)

Published on 16 January 2015 Read


RWB calls for investigative journalist’s immediate release

Reporters Without Borders, Network for reporting on Eastern Europe (n-ost) and Civil-Centre for Freedom (a Macedonian human rights NGO) call for (...)

Published on 23 October 2014 Read


Reporter sentenced to four and a half years in prison

Reporters Without Borders is shocked by the four-and-a-half-year jail sentence that a court in Skopje passed today on the journalist Tomislav (...)

Published on 21 October 2013 Read


Call for imprisoned journalist’s immediate and unconditional release

Reporters Without Borders is appalled to learn that Tomislav Kezarovski, a journalist based in the central town Skopje , was arrested by special (...)

Published on 1 June 2013 Read


Never-ending decline of Macedonia’s media

A year after the shockwaves from the closure of the opposition TV station A1 and several leading national dailies, Reporters Without Borders (...)

Published on 25 June 2012 Read


Draconian foreign media bill elicits mix of laughter and dismay

Reporters Without Borders calls on the Macedonian parliament to urgently amend a proposed foreign media law in order to dispel concern about (...)

Published on 27 February 2012 Read


Disastrous summer for Macedonian media, with TV station and three dailies closed

Reporters Without Borders is very worried about a steady decline in respect for press freedom in Macedonia since the start of the year. The (...)

Published on 17 August 2011 Read

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