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Harassment and corruption


Campaign to discredit journalists after WikiLeaks revelations

A hate campaign targeting certain Panamanian journalists appears to have been prompted by a series of WikiLeaks revelations which their (...)

Published on 9 May 2011 Read


Expulsion of two Spanish journalists deals blow to freedom of expression

Spanish journalists Paco Gómez Nadal and Pilar Chato agreed under pressure to be repatriated yesterday, 48 hours after being arrested during a (...)

Published on 1 March 2011 Read


Withdrawal of proposal to introduce jail terms for insulting the president

Reporters Without Borders hails yesterday’s withdrawal of a proposed amendment to the criminal code that would make insulting the president or any (...)

Published on 12 January 2011 Read


“Absurd and dangerous” ruling bans two journalists from working for 12 months

Reporters Without Borders is appalled that a Panama City court has banned TVN Canal 2 news editor Sabrina Bacal and Justino González, a former TVN (...)

Published on 7 October 2010 Read


Retired journalist freed after being held for 19 days

Reporters Without Borders is pleased to learn that retired journalist Carlos Núñez was released on 14 July after 19 days in detention. Núñez was (...)

Published on 19 July 2010 Read


Government tries to expel Spanish journalist resident in Panama

Reporters Without Borders is very concerned about Paco Gómez Nadal, a Spanish journalist who lives in Panama. Since 4 July, Gómez has been under (...)

Published on 12 July 2010 Read


Seizure of weekly’s property and bank accounts slammed as a form of “Indirect censorship”

Reporters Without Borders today reacted with alarm to a court order seizing property and bank accounts of a weekly newspaper at the instigation (...)

Published on 8 September 2008 Read


Dismay at presidential green light for two restrictive articles in new criminal code

Reporters Without Borders said it was deeply disappointed by Panamanian President Martín Torrijos’ decision on 21 March to endorse two articles in (...)

Published on 23 March 2007 Read

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