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Absent prosecutors

Dangerous trial


Thailand’s Gen. Prayut – a new “Predator of Press Freedom”

The latest outrage is Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha threat to “execute” journalists who don’t toe the line. Reporters Without Borders condemns (...)

Published on 3 April 2015 Read


Long jail term for website editor critical of military coup

The court halved the nine-year term because Somsak Pakdeedech, detained since his arrest by soldiers three days after the 22 May military coup, (...)

Published on 26 November 2014 Read


With the military junta monitoring Facebook, a political message there can put a journalist behind bars

Thanapol Eawsakul, editor in chief magazine Fah Diew Gan (Same Sky), a political magazine, was arrested after posting a message on Facebook that (...)

Published on 9 July 2014 Read


Is the Thai junta opting for the Burmese censorship model?

The junta said each media sector – radio, TV, print media, online media, social networks and foreign media – will be monitored by a different panel (...)

Published on 27 June 2014 Read


Journalists summoned and arrested as Thai army gets tough on media

Reporters Without Borders deplores the Thai army’s moves to toughen restrictions and manipulate the media in the wake of this month’s coup and (...)

Published on 26 May 2014 Read


Media censorship facilitates Thai military coup

After the failure of talks between the opposing political factions, the Thai army announced in a nationally televised message yesterday that it (...)

Published on 23 May 2014 Read


Ten TV stations intervened after martial law declared

Reporters Without Borders condemns the forced closure or military intervention in at least ten TV stations in the capital after martial law was (...)

Published on 20 May 2014 Read


Demonstrators surround TV stations, make demands

Reporters Without Borders is worried by intimidation of the main TV stations by demonstrators yesterday and today after the constitutional court (...)

Published on 9 May 2014 Read

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